HDR Photographers We Like

Here's another great example of natural nature photography we found on Flickr. The image is by Sankar Raman who resides in the great northwest. His website is filled with similarly deft images.

HDR Photographers We Like

We are always trekking through the Internet to find great examples of HDR photography. This image is by Alsace, France photographer Jean-Michel Priaux. Spend a few minutes with his work and see if inspiration comes your way.

HDR Travel Photography With Expose 3 And Photoshop

We just returned from a wonderful shooting trip on the island of Nantucket which is thirty miles off the coast of Cape Cod. With its endless beaches, historic old whaling town and cloud formations that billowed up to eternity Nantucket gave us all we needed.

In this image of the Madaket Harbor on the islands western point we relied on HDR Expose 3's keyframe based, ghost reduction to eliminate the movement of the boats in this scene. HDR Expose also gave us a great rendering of the clouds and foreground. After our work in HDR Expose we took the image into Photoshop to add a screen layer that gave a gentle glow to the scene.

Beautiful HDR Scene - You Left Your DSLR At Home

You know it's happened to you. There's a scene with fabulous light right in front of you and your DSLR is sitting in your car or office. Darn!

Even though we love big, data rich files for our HDR photography the camera you have with you is always the best camera. The new iPhone 6 looks like it just might be a great stop-gap for knowledgable photographers when we don't have our main axe with us. Here's a good article on the new 8MP camera in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We're impressed.

Rock Center in HDR

Here is the second of two great images made by Seattle-based pro Will Austin on a recent trip to New York City. This is the famous skating rink in Rockefeller Plaza. HDR Expose 3 really opened up this scene which was created with five one-stop brackets using Nikon a D700 and a Nikkor 17-35 f2.8 lens. There is a bit of motion blur on some of the skaters but Will left that motion in to add a dynamic element to the scene.

Pro Will Austin Does New York

One of our favorite photographers is Seattle-based Will Austin. Will specializes in architectural, industrial, editorial and location photography and makes awesome use of HDR techniques for those high-contrast scenes that require a natural look. We caught up with Will as he was editing his take on a trip to New York City.

Bracketing his exposures and processing only in HDR Expose 3, Will created a fresh look for this oft-shot scene in Times Square.

“...(In NYC) I was always going from place to place. I shot many sets of brackets to make sure I had what I needed for processing later. When I got home and downloaded the files I was a little disappointed, the shots just didn't grab me. But I looked them over again and decided to process a few with HDR Expose 3 and the results blew me away!

"This Times Square image was taken in the early morning before sunrise and it was almost completely empty, an odd sight. HDR Expose rendered the scene perfectly!” I don’t know how the software did such a great job with the moving objects!"

Richard Sisk Shares His Panorama Secrets

Top pro photographer and panorama specialist Richard Sisk is one of our favorite shooters. And, whenever he shares his secrets its a special opportunity to be able to absorb techniques and insights that took Richard years to perfect.

Check out his latest article Stand Out From The Pack! at SLR Lounge.

Know Your Camera's Bracketing Capabilities

(original article by HDR Photography)

Many digital cameras include an Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) option. When AEB is selected, the camera automatically takes three or more shots with a different exposure for each frame.

Auto Exposure Bracketing is a very useful option for taking HDR scenes. However, AEB was not really intended for HDR shots initially, but rather for ensuring that at least one of the shots will be as close to perfectly exposed as possible. This is probably why some camera models only make it possible to auto bracket three shots at a maximum of one EV step difference or even less.

HDR Images We Love

We often visit Flickr to see what's new in HDR photography. As you know by now, we're into natural HDR. So, when we do a search on "HDR Expose 3" we're often gratified to see the inspiring images created by users of our software. Here are three great examples of what's on Flickr right now. Click on the image to be taken to the photographers Flickr page.


Piet Psch

Steve Flowers

HDR Expose 3 - Merge Key Frame Example

One of the features in HDR Expose 3 our customers tell us outperforms our competition is the Merge Key Frame feature that makes de-ghosting amazingly accurate. In this image, taken after sunset, of a young couple drinking in Half Dome at Yosemite's Glacier Point gives a great illustration. In the middle of frame of the three-frame bracket sequence the young woman on the right turned her head to look at her boyfriend. I selected a frame where she was looking at Half Dome as the key frame and Expose 3 eliminated the movement. Really neat!

The following image, also of Half Dome at sunset, shows HDR Expose 3 delivering truly natural HDR processing results.

(images by John Santoro)

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