Straightforward and Natural

Here's an HDR Contest entry by photographer John Adams that came in recently. The composition is straightforward and the HDR processing very natural.

Thought Provoking

Here's an interesting still life entry in the 2015 HDR Contest by Jane Coelho. She brings in the much brighter outside light to add depth to the image while preserving details in the shadows of the foreground. Well done Jane!


This year we're really seeing a shift in the style and quality of HDR Contest submissions. In previous years we saw tons of over-processed, sureal looking images; nothing like you'd find in nature. This year we're seeing images that make full use of our HDR technology while still looking real and believeable.

Here's a balanced composition from Denver based photographer Vic Moss that tames a wide range of brightness while looking completely natural.

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Center Or Not? What Do You Think?

Here is a great 2015 HDR Contest entry from William Flynn of the abandoned cellblock at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philiadelphia.

What caught our eye in this well executed image is the off-center vanishing point. Most would argue that the vanishing point is correctly placed. Others would envision how the great movie director Stanley Kubrik would put this vanishing point in the absolute center of the frame, a no-no for traditionalists but well used by Kubrick and in the Academy Award nominated film Budapest Hotel.

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HDR Contest Entries Arriving

The is the exciting time we look forward to each year. The entries for the 2015 HDR Contest are starting to come in. Here is a nice waterfall image by Doug Deleaver. Well done.

It's free to enter the contest. Check out the contest overview and get shooting. We're accepting entries until May 31, 2015.

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We've been showing you finalist entries in the 2014 HDR Contest. Here's an interesting image by Kyle Ames that just missed the finals. The judges liked the composition and the exposure of the sky. However, the image submitted did not make good enough use of HDR techniques because the tree sculpture in the foreground was almost completely black. For this blog post we took the image back into HDR Expose 3 and revealed the detail in the wood.

Still, this is a nice image Kyle!

Lesson: Use your HDR application to open shadows and tame highlights.

Beautiful Still Life

Here's more inspiration for you for our coming 2015 HDR Contest. The contest will be formerly announced around April 1. Here is a great still life by 2014 contest finalist Matt Allison. We love the open shadows, muted colors and pleasing composition in this image. This was one of the few still life images we received and we would love to see more entered in this year's contest.

Well done Matt!

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