Great Design Frame By Frame

This post is decidedly not about HDR photography but it is about great design which is important to great photography. Your brain can be twisted, inspired and awed by the design genius in the Academy Award winning Grand Budapest Hotel.

Here is a great little article on the inspired decisions that went into creating an analog world. Analog as in "no CGI". Check it out.

2013 HDR Contest Winner

We've been revealing some great photography from the group of finalists in the 2014 contest. Now it's time to take a look at a winning image from the 2013 contest. This beautiful coastline image was submitted by Betty Wiley who resides on Cape Cod. Betty makes frequent use of HDR Expose and it really have her a compellingly natural looking in this winner.

Another Great Image from the 2014 HDR Contest

Darn, we're having fun going through last year's finalists in our annual HDR Contest. This image by Ben Venezio screams "Stanley Kubric" with it's dead-center vanishing point composition. The colors are fantastic and the HDR processing does a wonderful job taming the large brightness difference between the outside and inside light. Well done Ben!

The 2015 HDR Contest isn't far off. Shoot, shoot, shoot and edit, edit, edit because you could win. Keep an eye on our blog or our Facebook page for developments.

Photographers We Like

We came across the talented young mountaineering photographer Max Rive on At the time he was working on his first website. That site is up now and wow. You should take a few minutes and check it out. Here's a nice example from his portfolio section.

Can You Improve On This Image?

We're starting to get excited here at Unified Color because the 2015 HDR Contest is approaching this spring. In the contest we accept images of any subject as long as they were processed at some point in HDR Express, HDR Expose or 32 Float. Here is a nice seascape by Marc Lombardi which exhibits a balanced composition and smooth processing. Nice work Marc!

Haven't tried our great HDR apps yet? Download a Free 30-Day Trial copy of any or all of them in our Download area.

More HDR Contest Finalists

One of the Honorable Mention winners in our 2013 HDR Contest was an image of the red rocks in America's great southwest. This generated lots of red rocks images in the 2014. This nicely composed image by Dr. Johnny Sandaire was one of the few images of this genre to make it to the 2014 finals. Nice work Dr. Sandaire!

The 2015 HDR Contest is approaching this spring. Keep checking back here and on our blog for great examples from the 2014 contest to get you inspired.

More from the 2014 HDR Contest Archive

The Unified Color 2015 HDR Contest Is Coming

We're rolling out many of the finalists in the 2014 HDR Contest to get you psyched for this year's contest. We had some great entries last year but we know our customers have been refining their artistic eye and their HDR processing chops. You have what it takes to be a contender!

Here's a nice landscape from Don and Jane MacCarter, finalists in the 2014 contest.

Photographers We Like

We're always on the hunt for great photographers. This week we found Max Rive on Google+. Visit his Facebook page

Get Ready for the 2015 HDR Contest!

Leading up to the 2015 Unified Color HDR Contest we're going though last year's finalists' entries and we're finding some gems. Here's another well-executed image by Howard Fingerhut.

The 2015 contest is coming this spring. Download a free trial copy of HDR Express 3 or HDR Expose 3 and start shooting now!

Higher Dynamic Range TVs

Unified Color HDR software uses a method, unique in the industry, for getting a scene with a wide range of brightness onto your computer screen which, has a small range of brightness. The action at CES this year is all about new TVs with a much higher dynamic range. Click on the image to read more.

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