HDR On Vacation In Mexico

We all take our cameras on vacation and it's really neat when we produce a great HDR image like this one from Steve Flowers. Shot on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this image really shows HDR Expose 3 at it's best. We especially like the shadow detail Steve was able to produce. Read Steve's account below.

Here's Steve:

"Earlier this month I spent a wonderful week in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with my wife. Every afternoon clouds would form over the mountains giving hint to a killer sunset only to completely block the sunset all together. On the sixth and final night of our trip the conditions looked slightly different. The promising clouds got me moving down to Los Muertos beach where there is an amazing seahorse statue. The sun dipped below the horizon and 5 minutes later the sky came alive. I merged four frames in HDR Expose 3 that were shot on a Nikon D7100."

Adobe Layers Says HDR Expose 3 is "Even Better"

HDR photography has never been better. We're really proud when Adobe says that HDR Expose is "...a go-to choice for HDR processing". We're even more delighted when Adobe says "with version 3 ..., an already great app is even better."

Check out the review:

HDR In New Zealand - Reed Hoffmann Checks In

Reed Hoffmann just checked in with new HDR photos of a location we want to visit - New Zealand. Reed is really showing his shooting and HDR processing chops with this image of the Franz Josef glacier. Read below Reed's account of creating the image.

Here's Reed: "This was on a trip I led to New Zealand where we hiked to Sentinel Point for an overview of Franz Josef glacier. It was a beautiful scene, combining the deep greens of foliage, white of the glacier and dramatic sky. To hold that rich color as well as the bright clouds, I decided to shoot a four-frame bracketed series. I only needed three of those frames to pull it together, using HDR Expose 3. It was shot with a Nikon D800, ISO of 100, shutter speeds of 1/125, 1/250 and 1/1000 at f/7.1, Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR lens, hand-held (braced on a railing)."

(Reed Hoffmann leads trips all over the world from his home in Kansas City. To see his upcoming trips, go to

Gorgeous B&W HDR by Will Austin

It's been a while since pro Will Austin checked in with us. We really enjoyed his posts from Europe last year, when we last had contact. He was recently working on a shoot at the Sea-Tac airport in his hometown of Seattle and came up with this neat image of the Duwamish River. This image demonstrates some neat stitching and HDR work. Read Will's description of his process below the image.

Will Austin: "I had a sunrise commercial shoot at Sea-Tac Airport and after I was done I spotted this Duwamish River scene on the way home. I had rented a Nikkor PC-E Micro 85mm f/2.8D Lens for the shoot and it was perfect for this shot as well. I made three shifted horizontal images and stitched them together into a vertical. Each horizontal was a 3 shot bracket which I processed in HDR Expose 3 and then I converted the final image to black and white. The light was very contrasty and you can see from the crepuscular rays that the sun was high and to the left. I love how HDR Expose 3 brought out the detail throughout the scene and it was so quick and easy. Another great trick is to make a preset with the first image and then use it for the subsequent images so everything matches."

Great stuff Will!!!

HDR In Montana - by Night

We always like to see new work from pro Reed Hoffmann This is a particularly interesting use of HDR Expose 3 in a shooting situation at East Glacier Lodge, Montana that blends natural evening light with streetlights!

Here's Reed's perspective:

"Nikon D600, 24-120mm f/f Nikkor lens, three frames, 1/2 to 30-seconds, f/5, 400 ISO. I was teaching a workshop in Glacier National Park, and in the lawn of our lodge were two teepees. With the moon rising, and nice clouds, I went out to try an HDR of the scene. I had a flashlight to paint the teepee, but it wasn't necessary as the streetlights in the area did a nice job of adding some shadows and bringing detail out on the canvas. Shot on a tripod, I particularly liked the corona around the moon. White balance was set to daylight for the moon, and the warmth added by the streetlights gave the scene a nice feel.

You can see the workshops Reed currently has planned at

Perfect Execution Of A Popular Location

Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River in Arizona is one of those must-shoot locations for hobbyist and pros alike. Mother Nature makes sure that every rendition is just a little bit different. We think that HDR Expose 3 helps in delivering photos that take the normal look to the next level.

Here's a great example we found on Flickr by Thomas Detertwhich he processed in HDR Expose 3.

Surprising HDR

We like to take cruises around the Internet looking for good examples of HDR photography and we're often rewarded with a visit to Flickr. Today we came across a nice use of HDR Expose 3 on Flickr by Steve Flowers whose Flickr page can be found here.

Steve states that he processed this image with a trial version of HDR Expose 3 which works fully for the 30-day trial period.

Steve states"

"This is a shot from Lake City Colorado back in Sept. of 2011. I reworked this today with a new HDR program that I'm giving a whirl for 30 days called HDR Expose 3 by Unified Color. So far the results have been very pleasing. In my never ending hunt for better, more natural HDR software I believe I've found a winner."

100 Year-Old Negatives

In this age of digital imaging we often forget that photography began as a physical endeavor with film, chemicals and developing paper. The iconic images we remember from the 20th century were largely captured on film. We've seen most of these images but imagine finding a set of images embedded in the Antarctic ice for over 100 years and them developing them. Read on:

A Sense Of Perspective

Apolo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovel and Bill Anders received a tremendous gift when they rotated their spacecraft while orbiting the moon. It's a gift that puts our entire existence into perspective. Merry Christmas from all of us at Unified Color.

Happy Holidays

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