Catch John Omvik's HDR Express 2 Webinar Online

John Omvik's recent, live HDR Express 2 webinars were packed to overflowing. If you didn't get a chance to catch the presentation it's now online. Click on the screen shot to be taken to the video.

HDR Express 2 is packed with new features and technology that takes HDR processing to a whole new
level. In this one-hour webinar you'll discover how easy it is to make your HDR photos really pop.

You'll see our break though Adaptive Tone Mapping that matches the tone mapping process to your particular image. And, you'll see all the new workflow enhancements like our Visual File Browser and Merge Assist.

Here's John Omvik's thoughts on the new Merge Assist in HDR Express 2:

One of my favorite new features in HDR Express 2 is "Merge Assist". Nothing takes the fun out of making HDR images like searching through endless file names like DSC01277.NEF, DSC01278.NEF & DSC01279.NEF in the finder to start the merge process. Photography is a visual medium and we knew this aspect of the HDR workflow was prime for improvement. We needed to create a new interface that takes the guess work out of merging photos.

Merge Assist automatically displays the thumbnails then groups bracketed image sequences based on the time interval between exposures. All that's left to do is select the bracket group and click on the merge button. The new merge interface displays a histogram of the selected photo and it displays the relevant image metadata so you can be certain that you've selected the correct exposure sequence.